Corona has kept the entire world busy for weeks. We’ re all affected privately, economically and media-wise. What’s most important? Keeping healthy and looking out for others! Keyword “social distancing”. There are countries that have been hit particularly hard by the crisis, such as Italy.


For instance for our manufacturers in Northern Italy? Since more than 30 years we work together with traditional family craftsmen. These knitting factories have provided jobs in isolated villages and feed whole families. These are the people we want to give a face to: the souls of our company, without whom we could not exist. This is not about computers or robots, but about real people, who are worried about their families, their health, their jobs and their future!


This term has stood for traditional craftsmanship and highest quality for decades. And yet Italy has come under criticism ever since unscrupulous companies have literally found loopholes. They have Chinese immigrants producing cheap goods in sweatshops under the worst conditions. So-called “Pronta Moda”, which is nevertheless praised by many high-end retailers as Italian quality goods.

But of course there are still those traditional family-run manufactories that produce sophisticated and sustainable products. For over seven years we are working together with Alberto, whose company is located around 60 km from Milan, right in the middle of the “Corona Epicentre” in Lombardy. For this reason Alberto had to close down his production even before the official “lockdown” and sent his employees home. Fortunately, so far everyone has remained healthy and safe with their families.

Made in Italy. Alberto (2nd from right) with his parents and employees in Italy.
The manufactory has specialized in seamless techniques. Sweaters are circular knitted without seams.
Mindful luxury: the processing of cashmere requires artisan skills.

This company, which is organised in an outstanding manner, is focused on a special technique, namely knitting the cashmere yarn seamless. Artist in the team is Rosita. And she is responsible for the perfect finish and fit. Other team members handle the complex knitting machines. Each garment is then given a professional laundry service. In this way it turns soft and fluffy and develops the typical cashmere touch, followed by steaming, ironing and quality control. There are many complex stages required before a sweater meets our uncompromising standards: MINDFUL LUXURY!


Currently all productions in Italy are closed. And therefore also our knitting departments. Once this lockdown is over (currently on 03 May) we are ready to go back to working again with Alberto. Up to that date we have selected seamless models in our online shop reduced by 10% (valid until 30.04.2020)

Next we will introduce Raffaella from Parma!

But in the meantime, please don’t forget: 15% of all online sales during lockdown will be donated to a charity project in Italy, which we will announce soon!